The overuse of chemical fertilizers has left our soil deficient and our plants deprived. By over-saturating plants with a select few macronutrients, they have starved plants of the balanced nutrient diet they need for sustainable growth. Moreover, chemical fertilizers suppress plant’s natural resistance to pestilence and disease, making them not only vulnerable to infection but utterly dependent on pesticides, which only perpetuates the cycle.

IHO-Agro allows plants to flourish in their own right, while reducing their dependence on pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

IHO-Agro MINERAL products are a powerful catalyst when used with normal fertilization resulting in healthier plants and significant production increase.

IHO-Agro BIO products, a game changer in fertilization, offers significant advantages beyond productivity increase:

Fertilization with natural combination of ingredients, not a mixture of individual elements
Economical, less expensive, reduces or eliminates classic fertilization needs
Increased resistance to diseases and pathogens, healthier and stronger plants, thus naturally fight diseases
Improved tasting fruits and vegetables.
Up to 70% faster and higher seed germination rate.
Reduce time of the harvest by 25%, faster time to market better fruit conservation for longer shelf life
Better resistance to extreme weather, floods, heat cold.
Proven stimulant for the plants to retain all necessary minerals needed for animal or human consumption