Chemical fertilizers focus on a handful of “macronutrients” such as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). While these are important for plant growth and increase base productivity, chemical fertilizers also over-saturate both plants and the soil. Too much of a good thing can have devastating effects. Over using chemical fertilizers and pairing them with pesticides mineralize the soil and degenerates the water table. Long term use can even render once fertile land, barren.

IHO-Agro believes in a different approach to fertilizers. Our products are naturally derived to contain a large variety of minerals and nutrients in balanced proportions to promote plant growth. Our products focus on a balance of micronutrients so that every plant need is consider. These are the elements crops need in smaller quantities, such as boron (B), copper (Cu), iron (Fe), chloride (Cl), manganese (Mn), molybdenum (Mo), zinc (Zn) and the list goes on. By focusing on micronutrients, our products create a soil culture that promotes healthy crop growth and development.

FiBL, the German Research Institute for Organic Agriculture has recognized IHO-Bio (marketed as IHO-Agro in Europe) as being suitable for ecological agriculture.

Research on IHO Bio: The reputable National Institute for Research and Development for Pedology (soil studies) Agrochemical and Environment Protection – ICPA Bucharest performed a two year scientific research on IHO-Bio. Summary of results is available here: IHO-Bio Research English Summary
Resumen de Resultados de Investigación de la IHO Bio Español

LATEST NEWS: The reputable Horticulture Research Institute Liliana Dimitrova performed a scientific research on IHO-Mineral. Summary of results is available now here: HighlightsResearchIHO-Mineral

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