After over seven years of field tests, on a variety of soils and climates, we have developed two nutritious plant supplements IHo-Mineral and IHO-Bio. Both have proven to increase crop production by an average of 30-50%, and sometimes more than 300%, thus eliminating the need for chemical fertilizers. Independent tests and production usage have yield positive results across the board.
Our products are extremely efficient via foliar applications of water dilution of the concentrated products. The concentration and quantity are product and crop specific and can be mixed with other substances, does not necessarily require additional applications if incorporated into the crop’s spray rotation. For certain crops we recommend soaking the seeds in the dilution right before seeding to further increase productivity.



IHO Mineral is a proprietary formula of extracts from various minerals found across the globe. It is a NATURAL mineral supplement with more than 70 elements delivered in a highly concentration solution.

IHO-Mineral benefits are proven through thorough scientific research, validating the results. Beyond the increasing productivity, IHO-Mineral yields higher germination rates and growth, foliage, flowering, yields, leaf size, fruit size, plant size, overall plant health, and many other desirable qualities.
Given it’s mineral only composition, IHO-MINERAL shall be used as supplement to normal fertilization being an excellent catalyzer, the productivity increase is significant.

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IHO-Bio consists in a proprietary fertilization formula with extracts from various salts, and various plants. IHO-Bio (marketed as IHO-AGRO in Europe), is registered in the FiBL database as product suitable for ecological agriculture.

It is a NATURAL product to be used as FERTILIZER which contains all the micronutrients present in IHO-Mineral together with amino acids, vitamins, and various natural plant hormones. Contains everything crops need throughout all stages of development, from seed to maturity. Therefore it shall be used with significant reduction (up to no fertilization) of classical products.

IHO-Bio is to be applied foliar in a dilution of 1:250 (0.4%) in water.
Does not require extra spray it can be mixed with other substances.
When applied as directed will result in significant yield increases.
The results are consistent results for each crop category.

The research results on IHO-Bio are available here:
IHO-Bio Research English Summary

Resumen de Resultados de Investigación de la IHO Bio Español

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