We have a unique perspective on agriculture.

While most fertilizers over-saturate plants in select macro-nutrients, IHO-Agro provides nutrient rich supplements that promote plant growth and development.

Reducing our ecological footprint.

Our products are derived through natural process, minimizing our dependence on chemicals and fossil fuels. IHO-Agro products are transported in concentrated form, and thus not only reducing transportation costs but also fuel consumption and pollution in the process.

Proven results!

IHO-Agro products were developed through 7 years of intense research and development. All our products have undergone large scale field trials, demonstrating improved plant growth and resistance to diseases.

A robust level of return on investment.

We are an emerging player in the ever growing agriculture industry. With the world’s population estimated to hit 9 billion by 2050, the global demand for food is only going to increase. IHO-Agro can help us meet these demands. Our products increase crop production by at least 30%, while promoting a sustainable growth model.