IHO-AGRO Announces key sales to South America, and continued expansion in other markets

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Oct. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — IHO-Agro International Inc. (IHO-Agro), an innovative international fertilizer company, announced today it has concluded an initial sale of product to a key South American distributor.

Mr. Ioan Hossu, President and CEO of IHO Agro international, commented, “We are pleased with the demand for our product in Guatemala, which is a very important agricultural country in South America. This is a true recognition of the IHO Agro products’ effectiveness.” Guatemala is the second country in Central America that will be using our highly effective natural plant supplements and micronutrients for sustainable agriculture. Once again, independent tests and production usage have yielded positive results.” Mr. Hossu further commented that “we are encouraged by these results in sales to other partners and anticipate continued positive revenue in 2017.”

Mr. Mario Rene Valenzuela Martinez, Administrator Unico of Agroindustrias Bionaturales, commented, “We are proud to introduce IHO-Mineral and IHO-Bio products in Guatemala. This is a first step towards ecological agriculture in our country.”

Additionally, IHO- Agro confirms that further sales have been made to its business partners in Panama and Romania. In Panama, where IHO-Agro obtained certification and a license over 3 years ago, the product as now seen repeat demand in multiple seasons with existing and new growers. In Romania, product has been sold for new distribution opportunities. Romania remains one of the largest agricultural markets with over 9 million hectares of arable land.

About IHO-Agro: IHO-Agro is an international fertilizer company with its head office in Florida, USA and regional offices in Canada and Panama. IHO-Agro sells and markets its product in various regions around the world. IHO-Agro prides itself on marketing truly all-natural fertilizers that will change the way plants are grown around the world. IHO-Agro products are FiBL certified.

About IHO-Mineral: IHO-Mineral is a natural mineral micronutrient supplement used in normal fertilization to be applied via foliar application in water dilution of the concentrated product.

About IHO-Bio: IHO-Bio is a natural supplement which contains all the micronutrients present in IHO-Mineral, together with amino acids, vitamins, and various natural plant hormones. It contains everything crops need throughout all stages of development, from seed to maturity. Therefore it shall be used via foliar application on water dilution with significant reduction (up to no fertilization) of classical products.

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IHO-Agro is a fully reporting publicly listed company on the OTC in the US under the stock symbol IHGO.

About Agroindustrias Bionaturales: Agroindustrias Bionaturales is a lead distributor of natural products for agriculture in Guatemala and key contacts in the South American region.

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